14 martie 2011

UPS Apollo Line Interactive in Promotie la evoMAG UPS Apollo Line Interactive in Promotie la evoMAG

Am identificat 2 produse din categoria Ups ce au un pret bun si sunt in Promotie la evoMAG. Stocul este limitat!

» Promotie UPS Line Interactive 1400VA la pretul de 389 Lei

Promotie UPS Line Interactive 1400VAApollo UPS ApolloPower Line Interactive 1400VA (2 backup - german type ; 1 surge - IEC) smiling face case

» Lichidare! UPS Line Interactive 1000VA la pretul de 259 Lei

Lichidare! UPS Line Interactive 1000VAApollo UPS ApolloPower Line Interactive 1000VA cablu RS232 + Software inclus (2 backup; 2 surge) smiling face case

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